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Mayhem Bowl

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This is what this game is all about!

Game[edit | edit source]

The Mayhem Bowl is the MFL's annual championship game, played between the two conference champions. Though they may die during the game, Mayhem Bowl winners are immortalized as legends in the annals of MFL lore! It is a parody of the Super Bowl.

This game can only be accessed in Season Mode or Playoff Mode by winning the Divisional Playoff and the Conference Championship in the same postseason.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

The following achievements can be unlocked in a Mayhem Bowl:

Malice Hellboys - win the Mayhem Bowl in Season Mode

Perfection - win the Mayhem Bowl undefeated in Season Mode

Winner - win the Mayhem Bowl

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • MFL is currently 2-3 in Super Bowl Predictions.
    • 2016: The Scarolina Panzers won the Mayhem Bowl 36-28, but the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50 24-10.
    • 2017: The Deadlanta Vultures won the Mayhem Bowl 28-21, but the New England Patriots won Super Bowl LI 34-28 in overtime.
    • 2018: The Nuked London Hatriots won the Mayhem Bowl 33-30, but the Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl LII 41-33.
    • 2019: The Hatroits and Patriots won the Mayhem Bowl 27-25 and Super Bowl LIII 13-3 respectively.
    • 2020: The Karcass City Creeps and the Kansas City Chiefs won their bowls.